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Please read all info below especially our protocols & expectations.

Your cooperation, patience and understanding is required!

*We continue to experience an overwhelming demand for our high quality services, and are doing our best, while still being under-staffed.* 


To our loyal clients, we want to sincerely thank you for your patience during this pandemic which continues to be a challenging time. The health, safety and well-being of our clients, staff, families and community are most important to us.  Hopefully, lockdowns which have impacted us globally are behind us.  However, at PPCS we continue to operate with safety measure and salon policies in effect.  


At Pom Poms Children’s Salon, we are always committed to providing the highest standards. Being a unique business, with our primary focus on children, our focus is to keep this vulnerable population safe from the current still-present COVID-19 virus, it’s highly contagious variants, and other infectious diseases.  Alongside the regulations and guidelines set by our local public health unit and municipal, provincial and federal governments, we created our own safety protocols to attempt to keep everyone safe when visiting and as a result of visiting with us. 

We realize that you are all eager to visit us for your family's haircut services. We truly appreciate your continued consideration & cooperation.


This info directly below is taken from City of Hamilton Website:

Do face coverings protect you from COVID-19?

Wearing a face covering or mask when you are sick protects people who are around you. Since some people who are infected with COVID-19 may have the virus and not know it, whenever people are going out and might come into close contact with other people, then you should assess your personal level of risk and consider wearing a face covering or mask. When other people wear a face covering or mask, they are helping to protect you as well. 

Masks can help:

contain your respiratory particles

prevent or reduce the amount of infectious respiratory particles you inhale, particularly when wearing a well-constructed, well-fitting mask

Wearing a mask continues to be an effective public health measure for reducing the spread of COVID-19. Some individuals may choose to keep wearing masks in places where they are not required, and others, such as those who are close contacts of COVID-19 cases, will be required to wear masks for a period of time. Local businesses and organizations may also require or encourage masking based on the risk in their workplaces and to their workers and patrons. Hamilton Public Health Services strongly supports these decisions and would encourage all Hamiltonians to be kind and respectful to their neighbours, regardless of their personal choices and circumstances.


  • Masks wearing is encouraged for anyone who is able to continue to wear it safely (covering mouth and nose area) during your visit. Your sincere consideration is required, for the nature of the services we offer in direct contact/unable to maintain physical distance,  in our busy indoor over occupied, under-staffed environment.

  • No beverages permitted!!! This means parents and caregivers must refrain from bringing their coffee in to this salon!

  • NO WALK-IN appointments offered

  • Please CANCEL OR RESCHEDULE your appointment if not feeling well, have any coronavirus/ COVID-19 symptoms, waiting on COVID test results, are experiencing any signs of illness/ infectious disease/ contagious virus, unable to wear a masks while experiencing improving symptoms.

  • Please reschedule by phone call or electronically through the appointment confirmation / reminder emails if unable to attend our salon for your reserved appointment for any other reason.  Minimum of 3 hours notice required to avoid penalty charge. 

  • NO ENTRY for pets

  • Maintain physical distance; 2 metres / 6 feet apart from other salons guests/ individuals outside of your household

  • OCCUPANCY LIMITS; Limited number of people allowed in the salon at all times!!!                                   ALLOWING ONLY ONE PARENT/ CAREGIVER IN THE SALON PER APPOINTMENT TIME PER SCHEDULED CHILD/FAMILY.

  • Please arrive ontime (not earlier). If you arrive into our parking lot earlier than your scheduled appointment start time, DO NOT ENTER EARLY. While we are working diligently our other scheduled clients, we require your cooperation without interrupting us during their reserved appointment timeframe.

  • Staff members will effectively wear face masks, wash hands before offering haircut services to each client, and as frequent as necessary

  • Staff members thoroughly disinfect all tools used for each service

  • Proper hygiene and hand-washing/sanitizing/disinfecting must be maintained by everyone- use hand sanitizer at salon entrance

  • The fan circulates fresh air during business operating hours.

  • Please have your child(ren)’s hair freshly washed for their appointment

  • Haircutting capes are one-time use/ laundered after each client's use

  • Extra waiting area with physical-distanced- seating has been created 

  • Detailed Plexiglass design has been installed at the front desk check-out area

  • Each commonly used area, all tools, equipment, and stations will be sanitized, and/or disinfected between each client’s use 

  • Staff members have updated certification on proper sanitation and disinfection practices and procedures via Barbicide

  • *Please bring your own snacks and washable/ wipeable toys/tablet/comfort items for your child(ren) if required, for use during appointment*

  • We supply limited "distraction toys" to enable children to turn their attention away from stressful situations and immerse themselves in play when necessary during their haircut service. These toys belong to the salon and must be left with us, as they are not included in the price of the haircut service for take home option! 

  • Please be considerate and do not touch items unless necessary, do not damage or steal items. Theft is a criminal offence. *See our Salon Policies: Theft & Damage, Team Safety*

  • Once your hair service has been completed, please proceed cautiously to the front of the salon (where plexiglass has been installed) to make payment, and purchase haircare products for your family’s home-use, before efficiently exiting the salon. The salon staff needs this time in between appointments to follow our disinfecting and sanitation protocols



Due to extra health and safety precautions necessary during this ongoing global crisis, we will accept cancellations up to 2 hours before the reserved appointment time, at no charge.  However, please be considerate of our business, as Pom Poms Children’s Salon continues to sacrifice. And with our continued commitment to the safety, and well-being of our staff, families and valued patrons, and awareness of risks imposed by COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, the business continues to endure the stresses of operations and logistics during the ongoing pandemic as we strive to continue to offer courteous, quality service.  We are asking you to give us as much notice as possible, by phoning the salon or electronically cancel or reschedule by selecting to tab on your appointment confirmation/reminder emails, if you are unable to make it to the appointment(s) which has/have been exclusively reserved for you/your family.  As always, an unexcused missed appointment (“no show”), causes financial and scheduling strain to overall salon operations. Please be considerate! 


Note:  An unexcused missed appointment may result in longer wait times for rebooking with Pom Poms Children’s Salon.


Thank you for your continued patience, kindness & support during these unprecedented times!

~Pom Poms Children’s Salon Management Team~

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